Scenes of New Habitations





Habitations, Disaster, and Art in Indonesia @Tokyo Little House

Keigo Kobayashi Laboratory, Natsumi Seo, Keigo Kobayashi, Satoko Shibahara

Date | March 1 [Fri] 19:30-21:30
Veneu | Tokyo Little House 3-6-12 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
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Located on a large plate, Indonesia is a country that, like Japan, is prone to various natural disasters. The project “Living the Post-Disaster,” which is a part of the “Scenes of New Habitations,” has been surveying disaster-stricken areas in Japan with its members, artist and poet Natsumi Seo and the Keigo Kobayashi Laboratory of the Department of Architecture at Waseda University. We could find commonalities in the history of these affected areas after they achieved modernization. Based on this hypothesis, we visited Indonesia last October as our first overseas research.
At this event, we will present the results of this research, along with an online presentation by the Indonesian art collective Indeks, which cooperated with our research, and a lecture by architectural historian Osamu Goto, who specializes in the preservation of tangible cultural properties (buildings) and traditional townscapes in Japan.
On this event, we would like to discuss that how can we use culture to live in communities that live with disasters? Through the wisdom of our ancestors, the passing on of memories and cultural heritage, and the practice of contemporary art, we hope to provide an opportunity to consider the relationship between art and the regions facing disaster risk.


1. Report | Housing after the disaster in Indonesia by Keigo Koybayashi Lab. at Waseda University
2. Online Presentation | Disasters and Art in Indonesia by Indeks (art collective)
3. Lecture | Wisdom of folk houses, preservation of cultural assets after disasters by Osamu Goto (architectural historian)
4. Discussion | Moderators: Natsumi Seo (artist, poet), Satoko Shibahara (editor)

How to participate

Admission | 1,500 yen *includes one drink
Capacity | 15 persons
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Language | Japanese and English *Partial interpretation included.

Organized by Scenes of New Habitations
Cooperation | Keigo Koybayashi Laboratory at Waseda University, Natsumi Seo, Indeks
Venue support | Tokyo Little House